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Sundata is a leading provider of IT solutions and professional IT services in Malaysia. Established in 2005, we are now one of the most successful IT players in Malaysia. We are committed to supply excellent quality IT products and complete solutions in various endeavours ranging from areas of System Integration & Deployment, Geographical Information System (GIS), Smart Solutions, and Mobile Application. Additionally, we provide supplies of personal computers, laptops, printers, copiers and any IT necessities to ensure a complete solution for your organization. In our experience of delivering value-added solutions, Sundata has established strong alliance with key industry players such as Anacle Data, Esri, Adobe, Samsung, HP, Cisco, Lexmark, VMware and many more to strengthens our product’ capability and reliability.

Moreover, Sundata have been working alongside Anacle Data for 25 years, together we deliver and thrive in the industries. With this collaboration we have successfully supplied solutions to various Government Ministries, Department and Agencies.

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Sundata offers a widely, flexible & highly innovative services and solutions. Our solutions can be further customized to accommodate your business needs.


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